Taking you higher.

Since the start of Elevation Church, we’ve had one mission: to bring people into a transformational relationship with Jesus and help them take next steps towards higher living.

We want to see people go higher in their relationship with God, others, and their impact on the world.

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And we believe higher living is experienced when we learn to do four things consistently:

  • elevate jesus

    Go higher in your relationship with God.

    We provide thought-provoking messages that address everyday problems and give opportunity for people to honor and encounter God through inspirational and excellent worship.

  • engage others

    Go higher in your relationship with others.

    We look to provide environments that enable people to build authentic friendships, community, while also growing in their faith.

  • exercise love

    Go higher in your impact on the world.

    We provide opportunities to serve each other, the community, and global needs.

  • exceed in generosity

    Go higher in your giving.

    We look to honor God with our time, talents, testimony, tithes and offerings.