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Spotify Worship Playlists

Here are some curated playlists put together by members of Elevation's Worship & Production team. They are created to help you worship, and even just to refresh your soul. Enjoy!

  • Zeb's Worship Playlist

    "Even though there might be a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and even fear right now, God has a pretty good track record for not being caught off guard. He’s a good father and he takes care of his kids. That last song got me in tears listening to it: 'I’ve got a history of thanks, and I’ve got a future filled with praise just for You.'" 

    Give it a listen.

  • Samohya's Worship Playlist

    "With more time to spend time with God, I have learned that spiritual disciplines are not necessarily about the action: scripture, fasting, solitude, prayer. Ultimately, the goal is to draw near to the heart of God. The 'disciplines' are just the vehicles to get there. That has changed my perspective of having to (how I thought of it before) complete a task. I don't think God is so concerned with my tasks. He just wants me to look for him. So that's what I'll do because he promised that I would find him."

    Give it a listen.

  • Matt's Worship Playlist

    "The thing that fear and faith have in common is that they're both contagious so its so important that we choose faith over fear in these uncertain times. God's not surprised by any of this. None of it is outside of his will. He's bigger than all of it. He's still on THE Throne. In the moments we're experiencing fear or anxiety, all we need to do is acknowledge Him and he offers his limitless peace that surpasses all understanding!"

    Give it a listen.

  • Dustin's Worship Playlist

    "This playlist is designed to remind us how good God is. It's easy to focus on what's happening around us, and in the process have our confidence shaken. But when we put our eyes back on the Lord, and remember how faithful He has been in the past, it restores our hope for the future. The reason I included 'The Blessing' in this playlist is for us to remember that God's intentions for us are so much better than we could have ever hoped for!" 

    Give it a listen.

  • Julie's Worship Playlist

    "The songs on this playlist give me the feels. You know, the type of feels where God is telling you to be still and listen. Listen to the melody, the words, the praise. But it’s even more than just listening. In other words, be still and KNOW. Know what’s on your mind when you hear the song. He is for you. He sees you. He is passionate about you. Be STILL and KNOW. And then tell someone about it." 

    Give it a listen.

  • Amber's Worship Playlist

    "I chose these songs from a treasury of past playlists based on what season I was going through. Each song uniquely spoke to me through different up's and down's and carried me into God’s presence every time." 

    Give it a listen.