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Best Ever Challenge

Welcome to the Best Ever Challenge!

Take a photo or video or you completing the Best Ever Challenge and send it to kids@elevationSTL.com.

online kids experience

Hey Elevation Families! 

Even though we can’t be in the same room together this week, we’d still love to see your kids worshipping with us at home! 

Send us photos or short videos of your kids engaging with our online kids experience. 

We’ll post them on our social channels so we can celebrate together what God is doing in the lives of your kids! 

Send photos and videos to kids@elevationSTL.com.

Psalm 23 Memory Verse Challenge 

Any Elevation Kid that sends us a video to kids@elevationSTL.com reciting this portion of

“The Good Shepherd” by Sally Lloyd Jones will receive 10 vault tickets! 

Elementary Version

Even when I walk through

the dark, scary, lonely places

I won’t be afraid

Because my Shepherd knows where I am

He is here with me

He keeps me safe

He rescues me

He makes me strong

and brave

Preschool Version

He is here with me

He keeps me safe

He rescues me