• gretchen taylor

    family pastor

    Gretchen has been working with teens and kids in the church for her entire adult life. She loves football, baseball, hockey, March Madness, fantasy football, and would admittedly get more done in life if she watched SportsCenter less.  Besides eating sweets and watching sports, she also enjoys spending time with her three energetic children.

  • jen mozingo

    assistant to the lead pastor

    Jen loves being part of a church community that creates an environment for the Spirit to move freely. Eating brownies, sitting by campfires, and driving with the windows down and the heater on are just some of her favorite things. Oh, and let's not forget, tightrope walking…because who doesn't love that?!

  • carl queen

    director of groups & growth

    Carl has served in the Church most of his life. He believes that one of the ways that we grow in our faith best is when we are in community. When he isn't weaving baskets underwater, or off on some covert mission with the A-Team, he is usually home reading, taking in a movie, or playing a video game. He loves it when a plan comes together.

  • dustin keele

    communications director

    Dustin loves to design and create things. He's passionate about making communication, design, and film in the church as killer as possible. In addition, Dustin loves film, dance, art museums, and music. Especially music. He plays percussion like a wild man, and on occasion drops a little spoken word on the people of Elevation.

  • Karen schenkelberg

    missions director

    Karen retired from 30 years in the corporate world to do what she was really called for: missions. Often when she is not busy with mission work she can be found on the golf course training to be on the Olympic Team….if only she could get that 35 handicap down.  Other days she can be found at home watching HGTV and thinking up ways to renovate and redecorate her home.